2WD Racecar Kit

  • 2WD Racecar Kit
  • 2WD Racecar Kit
  • 2WD Racecar Kit
  • 2WD Racecar Kit
  • 2WD Racecar Kit
  • 2WD Racecar Kit

2WD Racecar Kit

This fast and sleek 1/10th scale Racecar comes with all the electronics and hardware needed to assemble the kit, and includes easy to use visual instructions and is compatible with most Hobby standard DC Motors, Gears, Radio Transmitters, Servos, Bodies, Wheels & Tires and more. 
Versatile front or rear wheel drive options included

2WD Racecar Kit Instructions

Included Hardware:

  • Unpainted 1/10th Scale Race Car Body (1); Dimensions: L=16-1/2"(419mm) x W=8"(203mm) x H=4.5"(114mm); Wheel Base = 10"(254MM) 
  • Construction Beams and Connectors
  • Drive Lines
  • Spur & Pinion Gears 
  • Motor Gearbox (1)
  • Slip Differential (1)
  • Rack & Pinion (1)
  • Steering Hub (1 pair)
  • Rear Hub (1 pair)
  • 1/10th Scale Car Wheels & 2-5/8" Diameter Tires (2 pair)
  • MINDS-i tool (1), 
  • all necessary hardware 

 Included Electronics:

  • Hitec® HS-311 Standard Servo (1)
  • 300A Speed Controller (1)
  • 23500 RPM DC Motor (1)
  • 7.2 Volt 1800 mAh Ni-Cd Rechargeable Battery (1)
  • Battery Charger (1)
  • all necessary wires and cables 

Colors may vary

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2WD Racecar Kit

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