MINDS-i Catapult LAB

  • Catapult Lesson Plans
  • Catapult Lesson Plans
  • Felt Target and Velcro Balls
  • Assorted Connectors and Transitions
  • Assorted Beams and Support Arms
  • Felt Target, Velcro Balls and MINDS-i Tool
  • MINDS-i Catapult LAB

MINDS-i Catapult LAB


Qty: 1 MINDS-i Beam Assortment Set
Qty: 1 Velcro Target
Qty: 2 Velcro Balls
Qty: 1 Printed Binder with Lesson Plans and Student Reference Sheets

Open Source

Cross compatibility allows you to continuously add to and improve the MINDS-i experience


Curriculums that teach real world relevant skills


The MINDS-i system is built rugged enough to take your classroom experience into the outdoors