MINDS-i was developed with the vision of bringing the art of “hands-on” back to the mainstream by creating a system that inspires creativity and imagination. Our patented system of interchangeable “quick-lock” construction elements enables users to create, modify and re-create extreme vehicles, robots and machines of their own design.

MINDS-i is universally compatible with today’s hobby class technologies, and is strong enough to be used and abused in the most extreme conditions.

MINDS-i All Terrain Robots are controlled using Arduino’s open source computing platform. Created with a simple microcontroller board designed to sense and respond to the surrounding environment, the Arduino platform operates on Windows, Macintosh OSX, and Linux operating systems.

For technical support with any MINDS-i code, email us at code@mymindsi.com.

Click here to download the newest version of the Arduino software

Download Arduino


Click on the following links to download code and get started building your own MINDS-i Arduino application today.

Download the library and install with the "sketch/import library" menu option before running any of the MINDS-i programs below

Click the link below to download the MINDS-i Dashboard for use with the STEM Integrated Robotics: Drones LAB's