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Inspired and founded by Mike and Christy Marzetta, MINDS-i holds the vision that robotics can and should do more, stimulating minds both young and old. MINDS-i is rocking the robotics world through a high-technology platform that is simple to use, extraordinarily durable, infinitely modifiable and relevant for the 21st century.

"I've always had a passion for tinkering, inventing and gaming. The leading systems just couldn't hold my interest with their limited compatibility, durability, and power. So we invented an entirely new robotics system that is tough enough to give anyone the freedom to build anything and do anything they desire in any setting. And we designed the system to be the toughest out there to make current limitations a thing of the past."--Mike Marzetta, MINDS-i Inventor

Mike and Christy have a deep desire to make a difference by contributing to others in a meaningful way. They named their company after their mission: creating anything you can envision in your "Mind's Eye". Then they began searching for people who share their passion to make the dream a reality. Mike holds a Masters in Organization Development from the University of Minnesota, and is the current President of Altek Manufacturing. Christy is a managing partner of the Andre-Romberg Insurance Agency.

The next member of the MINDS-i team came by way of the Spokane Community College Mechanical Engineering program, in the highly talented Kriston Broxson. Kriston heads up mechanical design at MINDS-i, specializing in part and systems design engineering including, frames, armatures and electro-mechanical power and drive systems. Kriston is instrumental in the acquisition of a number of MINDS-i’s patents, and also heads up the development of product and lab instructions.

MINDS-i’s General Manager, Levi Wilson, a life-long friend of Kriston, is a graduate of the Spokane Community College Diesel Mechanics program. Along with managing the daily operations of the business, Levi heads up technology and curriculum development at MINDS-i. Levi transcends the vision that robotics should mirror the technologies, machines and devices found in real-world, and his foresight is manifested in the design and development of MINDS-i’s products and labs.

Tim Lines, recruited from the East Valley High School FIRST Robotics Team, is a rare combination of counterbalancing talents. Tim manages both the Accounting and Marketing functions at MINDS-i with unparalleled flexibility, creativity, and diligence, Tim carries the MINDS-i torch in photography, advertising, and video production; while simultaneously attending BYU-I, where he has earned an Accounting Certification and is pursuing a Bachelors in Business Management.

Brett Menzies heads up Programming and Automation Engineering at MINDS-i. As a self-taught and skilled developer, Brett is highly proficient at numerous programming languages and applications such as C, Arduino, Java, Android and Linux. With his keen eye for logic and inclination for simplicity, Brett is the architect of MINDS-i’s highly robust and adaptive open-source operating environment. Brett is pursuing his Computer Science degree at North Idaho College.

Larry Bernstein, former President of Hasbro's Toy Division, quickly saw the potential of MINDS-i as a true paradigm shift. Feeling that MINDS-i offered something previously non-existent in today's marketplace, Larry soon agreed to come on board as CEO and has since led us with his invaluable decades of experience and unique wisdom.

Together, we invite you explore the farther reaches of your creativity and imagination, because that's why we created the MINDS-i system!