MINDS-i’s guiding principle is that engineering and robotics education needs to mirror the technologies, machines and devices found in real-world. That principle is manifested in the design and development of MINDS-i’s products, competitions, curriculums, and education labs.

2024 Drone Competition: 

MINDS-i Robotics competitions are designed to embody today’s challenges into an invigorating team-based experience. Students apply their skills, leverage their creativity, and measure their achievements in a fun and exhilarating environment.

Here’s what Educators have to say about MINDS-i: 

  • “I have been looking for a rugged, versatile, reusable building system for some time when I found MINDS-i. MINDS-i can be used in projects I’ve always done in the classroom as well as allow new projects involving R/C technology, programmable robots, vehicles, mechanisms, and structures. Once we build something it doesn’t come apart until we take it apart, even if we abuse it a little. My 6-year old, my teenage students, and I all enjoy building with this system. -Salvatore Lorenzen, Technology Instructor, Spokane Valley Tech
  • "We have found MINDS-i to be durable, flexible, and a significant improvement over the robotics kits for pre-engineering and programming currently available on the market" -Mike Nepean, CTE Coordinator, Spokane School District
  • “These kits allow kids to apply what they have learned in a hands-on way. Understanding how programming and robotics fits into the real world prepares them for the world of work today. These kits allow you to put kids in groups and learn how to work together to accomplish a goal, another real world example.” -John Savage, CTE Director, East Valley School District

MINDS-i Education vastly reduces the cost per-student compared to other STEM alternatives, while delivering a compelling technology platform that will modernize the classroom.