4x4 Robot 3-in-1 Kit

  • 4x4 Robot 3-in-1 Kit
  • 4x4 Robot 3-in-1 Kit
  • Leaf Spring Chassis
  • Ladder Bar Chassis
  • Four Link Chassis
  • Electronics
  • 4x4 Robot 3-in-1 Instruction Cover

4x4 Robot 3-in-1 Kit

This kit comes with all the necessary components, electronics and hardware needed to assemble one of three 1/10th scale 4x4 Robot Chassis at a time: the Rock Crawler, Leaf Spring, and Independent Suspension. You can also mix different suspension combinations to optimize for off-road conditions. The set includes easy to use visual instructions and is compatible with most Hobby standard micro-controllers, DC Motors, Gears, Radio Transmitters, Servos, Bodies, Wheels & Tires and more

• Dimensions for fully Assembled kits are: L=18”(457mm) x H=8.5”(216mm) x W=12.75”(324mm); Wheel Base =12.5”(317MM)
• Includes all the necessary Construction Beams, Connectors, Drive Lines, Spur & Pinion Gears, Motor Gearbox (1), Solid Differential (2), Slip Differential (2), Rack & Pinion (1), Steering Hub (1 pair), Rear Hub (1 pair), Pro-Line® Agitator, 2.2" Chrome Wheels with Masher 2.2" Tires (Tires are 5” Diameter) (2 pair), MINDS-i tool (1), Shocks (2 pair), Leaf Springs (2 Pair), Rock Crawler 4-Link Bars (8) and all the necessary hardware
• Includes Hitec® HS-485HB Metal Gear Servo (1), 300A Speed Controller (1), 5000 RPM DC Motor (1), 7.2 Volt 1800 mAh Ni-Cd Rechargeable Battery (1), Battery Charger (1) and all the necessary wires and cables
• Colors may vary

Bring life to your MINDS-i creation with our Add-on and Upgrade Modules. (Available for Purchase Separately)

• Remote Transmitter Module for 4x4 & 6x6 Kits (ETX-VN02-001)
• Four Wheel Steering Upgrade Module for 4x4 Robot Kits (AST-TR04-4WS)

4x4 Robot 3-in-1 Kit

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